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"Teri, you are the bomb!! I love your songs sooooo much. I love the wackiness and poignancy of your songs. So great to spend time with you."

Amy Saliers, The Indigo Girls


"Teri Scheinzeit is a delight. Her songs are quirky and personal, her voice is beautiful and her stage presence makes me want to give her a hug. I became a 'Teri Head' from the first time I heard her play."

Amy Kurland—Founder, Owner of the Bluebird Cafe,



"Teri's Choosing Happy CD is a charming treatise on appreciating life. Her delicate alto is a perfect vehicle for offering up reminders of things to be grateful for. The melodies are lovely and mesmerizing and her voice glides on their surface like a world-class figure skater. I never thought I’d hear a spellbinding song about doing laundry. Just brilliant."

Acoustic Live Magazine 

"In Choosing Happy: A Musical Memoir Teri walks a tightrope of illuminating conflicting ideas simultaneously. Her masterful delivery places her story in the world of powerful and wicked theater. Her songs are gorgeous poetic treats that punctuate and elevate her exquisite work.”

Jonatha Brooke, Songwriter and Playwright


"Teri, you radiate beauty. I am so happy to know you, work with you and sing with you. There is joy in me that you put there. Mary Gauthier, Songwriter

"In Choosing Happy: A Musical Memoir Teri’s wit and warmth carry the day, lacing even the most difficult memories with a kind of pragmatic, gimlet-eyed humor that further endears us to her.” 

Maribeth Edmonds, Writer

"Teri's songs are like gems. Truly brilliant and original."

Beth Nielsen Chapman, Songwriter 

"Oh, my Teri! Thank you for sharing your sweet (although grudge-filled) self. There are no words for how much I love you. Your songs and wonderful spirit have left a smile on my face. You always make my heart happy.

Lydia Hutchinson, Performing Songwriter Creative Workshops


"Teri is one of a kind. I am immediately drawn to her world of laundry rooms, big armchairs, stray cats and tasty bites. Unique is so refreshing in this world of carbon copy music"

David Roth, Songwriter

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