Bio //

Singing, playing music and performing with friends... what could be more fun? I've been singing since I was four years old and writing songs since I was twenty. You can hear my music on my CDs This Time and Choosing Happy.


 I perform in NYC clubs, coffee houses, house concerts and on radio shows. My first CD release concert was held at The Cutting Room, a club owned by Chris Noth ("Big" from Sex in the City). The gig was a big success — mostly because everyone was excited to meet Chris. "I can't believe I got a photo with him!" "He's even better looking than on TV!" A few mentioned that they liked my music. 


I also perform in hospitals, senior residences and benefit concerts. The audiences are appreciative, respectful and rarely heckle or start fights. Singing in bars, on the other hand, is a fine place to hone skills but not, necessarily, raise one's self-esteem. 


Papa Jules Music, my music publishing company, is named in honor of my father. My dad owned The Apex Music Korner in Schenectady, NY when I was a young teen. (I was very popular for those few years.) Papa Jules, a big fan, now buys my CDs, gives them to friends and relatives, and sends me checks. It's quite a racket. He includes a note with each payment. "I gave your CD to Aunt Martha's son's best friend’s fiancée, Beverly. She graduated from Ithaca College, plays the violin and made the Dean's List last semester. She lives in Troy." My father, a retired salesman, is always trying to "push the product." Check out my song, "Daddy's Record Store" on This Time.


I've had many wonderful muses, teachers and musical friends. My loving appreciation to Stuart Dworeck, Janie Barnett, Penny Nichols, Tom Prasada-Rao, Sloan Wainwright, Cosy Sheridan, David Roth, Julie Snow, Glen Roethel, Helena Binder, Valerie Viera, Don Forschmidt, David Roth, Valerie MacKend, Peter Gallway, Brooks Williams, Belle Schneiderman, Debbie Dvir and Charlie Schoonover. Also, to the whole SummerSongs community, a songwriting camp I've attended for ten years. Unlike real life, at camp every song is perfect and we can do no wrong.